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One of the larger challenges (and expense) ​for boat and RV owners is storage.  We want our customers to view our facility as their "Concierge Storage".  We can provide many additional services in addition to just parking your boat or RV.  This saves you time and money, not to mention stress and peace of mind when getting ready for an outing, or coming back from one.

Make Ready


One of the largest time eaters in preparing for a trip is getting your boat or RV cleaned up and making sure it is mechanically ready.  Let us do that for you!  Call us at least three days prior to your trip, and we can have your boat or RV detailed and mechanically checked out for you.   Your time and energy is valuable, and could be spent on planning out other details of your trip, rather than cleaning.  You will also have peace of mind that everything has been checked out before you leave.


One of the benefits of storing your boat or RV with Unlimited PowerSports, is we are a full service repair shop.  Other storage facilities will not let you work on your boat or RV at their facility.  That means you have to take time to bring it to a repair shop, have them fix it, then bring it back to the storage facility.  That costs you time and energy.  If you notice something is not working properly, just call us and we will check it out for you. 



We are conveniently located on Hwy 290 West, just northwest of Nutty Brown Road.  

Most neighborhood HOAs don't want you to park your RV or boat where neighbors can see them.  So think of us as your extended parking!





Monthly rates
$70.00 plus sales tax ($74.90) for vehicles up to 23’
$80.00 plus sales tax ($85.90) for vehicles up to 34’
$90.00 plus tax ($96.30) for vehicles up to 50’

Larger vehicles will be quoted on a case by case basis.


$25 Admin Fee

Start/Run Service

$25.00 per month for cars and trucks
$35.00 for RV's with generators & roof air systems.


We will start and run the engine (and generator when applicable), to allow the engine temperature to come up to operating temp, cycle the air conditioning system(s) and cycle the transmission from reverse to drive. We will NOT drive your Auto/RV from it's parking space (mileage will be recorded at the time of storage). We require a full tank of fuel and fuel stabilizer added - (we offer Sta-bil on site for your convenience).


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